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Soar Studio is an entrepreneurial strategy and innovation consultancy. 

We work with organisations to build strategy, solve problems, create opportunities and maximise success in today's digital economy .   

We fuse the best of entrepreneurial thinking, human-centered design and technological know-how to drive sustainable business success. Our difference comes through the combination of extensive first-hand experience in starting and growing successful organisations of our own - we remain active in doing this - with our genuine expertise to develop the full potential of people. 

We believe that good business can change the world. If you're looking to do more or achieve more with your organisation, we'd love the chance to work with you. 

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Purpose, Vision, Values and Strategy

The modern workforce demands a meaningful connection to their work in order to maximise performance and outcomes. Where once the idea of purpose, vision and values were considered as merely words on a page, they're now proven to be the difference between the good and the great. 

We will work with you to uncover, articulate and communicate the authentic purpose, vision and values which are driving your organisation. We'll then take these insights to support you in designing and clarifying a strategic roadmap for the year(s) ahead. 

Business Growth Strategy and Implementation

In business, what got you here, won't get you there. In order to grow your business further, new thinking, new skills and new attitudes are all required. 

We will work with you to develop a tailored business growth strategy considering your current situation, goals, values and objectives. We'll then work as part of your team to bring it to life, helping to increase your revenue and customer satisfaction whilst maximising operational effectiveness and performance. 

Furthermore, we'll work with key team members to support any required leadership  and behaviour change to ensure optimised outcomes.

Business Coaching

We know and love business. Our coaches will work with you to develop your skills, understanding and discipline in any focus area of relevance for you across: 

- Leadership;

- Strategy;

- Marketing;

- Customer Experience;

- Operational Effectiveness;

- General business performance. 

Leadership Development

and Coaching

Leadership, particularly in the modern environment, is a complex skill which needs as much - if not more - effort to develop than any technical skill your teams may hold,

We will work with your emerging, senior and executive leaders to develop the skills and understanding they require to unlock performance, motivation and engagement within modern teams and organisations. We'll provide them with the support, guidance and accountability to implement genuine behaviour change for tangible business outcome. 

Market and Customer Discovery

In the hyper-competitive economy which we now operate in, a deep understanding of customers and the market is a non-negotiable. 

We'll support you to identify, articulate and understand the key insights of your customers and market which will drive strategic opportunity and competitive advantage. We'll then turn these insights into an actionable strategy to help your business achieve its strategic goals. 

CX and Service Design

The single most important stakeholder when it comes to sustainable business success, is the customer. In the modern economy, if you're not able to provide the level of value or experience that is expected, it's only a matter of time before they'll make a switch. 


We will work with you to design and develop a Customer Experience Strategy which maximises the value of your offering through every interaction you have with them. These strategies take into account both UX and Service Design, ensuring that all interactions you have with your customers add value. 

Keynote Presentations and Advisory Reports

We will work with you to identify and articulate the most crucial insights on a particular topic, sector or trend and what they may mean for your team and organisation. We'll then provide you with a concise and actionable report to support your strategic plans and ongoing operations. 


Where relevant we can also engage your team, customers or other core stakeholders with compelling presentations that share the insights and provoke new thinking. 

Workshop Facilitation

We're expert facilitators and we love to run workshops. We'll support you to achieve the goals of your team workshop, meeting or conference with expert session design and facilitation.


Creatively solve problems, create new products, develop strategic insights or review project performance – or any other organisational objective. 

We're experts in:

- Purpose, Vision and Values;

- Strategic Planning;

- Customer Discovery;

- Creative Problem Solving;

- Strategic Innovation; and

- Business planninng. 




Our clients are ambitious enough to do better. To be better. 

They're established businesses looking to renew their sense of entrepreneurial spirit, agility and customer focus. They want to grow and develop in line with the expectations of the modern economy. 

Our clients are proud, passionate and driven individuals. Though they recognise that what got them here, won't get them there. 

We strongly believe that one size doesn't fit all in our work. As such, it's most critical for us to understand who you are, what you're about and what you're trying to achieve when it comes to finding the best way forward.

This said, if you're in quick need of a quote or proposal, we get it. We can turn that around in 12-hours. 

Lastly, we work on an outcome-based model. We never charge for project management, workshops materials or anything else which is required in delivering a great outcome. 



Omar’s balance of strategic thinking, and functional expertise on a wide range of topics, helped our leadership to set out a clear pathway forward. His ability to blend facilitation with strategic advice was invaluable.

—  Michael Hooper, Strategy Manager, Johnn Holland Group




Omar de Silva

Omar has a proven track record as an entrepreneur, investor and advisor across sectors including education, professional services, media, entertainment and property. 

He has been recognised with an Australian 30 under 30 award, ambassadorial roles for Global Entrepreneurship Week and the G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance.  

He has advised and dozens of executives within large and listed organisations in their strategy and leadership initiatives, presented at international conferences and worked with countless business leaders making sense of the modern operating environment.

He is also the Founding Director of For Men Australia, a Not-for-profit organisation dedicated to proactively developing mental health and wellbeing in Australian men through self leadership development.

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